Bolt B4PMC (R)


Bolt B4PMC (R)

Rifle SPECS:
Rifle type: M4 CQB
Full metal body
“BRSS”- Bolt Recoil Shock System
6-inch RIS Quad Rail
With forward thumb rest grip
Magazine type: metal
Magazine Capacity 300 rounds
w/factory quality certification
owners manual
spare wiring and connector
Bolt patch and Bolt sticker
(no battery in package)

FPS: 330 to 340 (feet per second)
RPS: 15.8           (rate per second at full auto)

Additional Information:
Length: 26 inch
Lenght retracted butt: 29.5 inch
Weight: 3 kg

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Bolt B4PMC (R) is from a new generation brand that will kick the airsoft world with its features (BRSS) Bolt Recoil Shock System. Also, can use with an ON or OFF blowback system.