D-belle 059 K-mod “UPGRADED VERSION”


D-belle 059 K-mod “UPGRADED VERSION”

Original FPS: 420 to 440
Upgraded FPS: 530 to 550 

Additional accessories:

Bushnell scope
folding forward grip
HJ102 Red laser
Spare M4 Mag 300rnds
1005 forward grip

Rifle SPECS:
AEG Rifle (automatic electric gun)
Full metal body construction
13.5-inch K-mod quad rail
Retractable buttstock
polymer grip
Adjustable front and rear sight
With Taran M4 mag well
Tactical battery and Tactical charger included
Magazine capacity: 300 rounds

Upgraded Internals: 
Upgraded spring (M155)
Warwolf metal piston body
Type O cylinder body
Double Oring air Nozzle
SHS shim set
SHS 13:1 gear set

Additional Information:
Length: 32 inches
Length retracted butt: 34.5 inches
Weigth: 2.75kg

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D-belle 059 K-mod “UPGRADED VERSION” AEG Rifle is an airsoft gun with semi and full-auto firing functions. It has a full metal body construction

Additional information

Weight 2.75 kg