Double Bell 058 John Wick K-Mode


Double Bell 058 John Wick 

AEG Rifle
Rifle SPECS:
Full metal body construction
Adjustable hop-up system for increased accuracy
With an 8.5-inch K-mode quad rail
Retractable buttstock polymer grip
Adjustable front and rear sight
With Taran M4 mag well
With Lipoly battery and Tactical charger included
Includes John Wick QR card and coin
Magazine capacity: 300 rounds
Available in m lock quad rail

FPS: 400 to 430
RPS 15 to 16 rounds per sec (at full auto)

Additional information:
Length: 28 inches
Length retracted butt: 31 inches
Weight: 2.5 kg


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Double Bell 058 John Wick K-mode Rifle is an electric airsoft rifle with a semi and full-auto firing function. This rifle is suitable for indoor battle.