Double Belle Kar98 Wood Ejecting with Scope and Railing


Double Belle Kar 98 Wood Ejecting with Railing and Scope

Rifle Specs:
Sniper Rifle
Full metal receiver and bolt
Wood body construction
With adjustable front and rear iron sights for windage and elevation
With built-in sling loop allows you to utilize a 2-point sling
Includes railing and scope
Comes with 5 metal shells, 2 pieces of high mounts
Magazine capacity: 5 rounds

Additional Information:
Length: 44 inches
Weight: 3.5 kg

FPS: 330 to 380


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Double Belle Kar98 Wood Ejecting Sniper Rifle with Scope is a shell ejecting and bolt action airsoft sniper rifle. The scope helps the airsoft user to point the target when in the battle.

Additional information

Weight 4.50 kg

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