086 – EC 305 M4 CQB Black


E&C 305 M4 CQB Black 

Riffle Specs:
AEG Rifle (automatic electric gun)
Adjustable hop-up system
Full metal body
With a 7-inch quad rail
Expandable buttstock
Battery and charger included
Magazine capacity: 300 rounds


FPS: 430 to 450 (feet per second)
RPS: 12 rounds per second (at full auto)

Additional Information:
Length: 70 cm
Length retracted butt: 78 cm
Weight: 2.7 kg

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E&C 305 M4 CQB is an electric airsoft gun with a semi and full-auto firing function. This rifle is a perfect for indoor and outdoor battle.

Additional information

Weight 3.45 kg