Payment Options

To keep our product prices acceptable and competitive we only accept currently the following payment options:

  1. Direct bank transfers to our BDO, BPI, or Metrobank bank accounts.
  2. Payment through Palawan Express, LBC Express, Cebuana, Western Union, or MLhuillier’s
  3. Payments over the GCASH payment network.
  4. Paypal (Verified Buyers Only) and this payment option we offer only per request.

In the near future, we might be accepting Paypal payments as well, just to make direct credit card payments possible.

We do not accept cash on delivery (COD) orders because of our bad experience with this in the past:

  1. Some buyers not having the cash for their orders when the actual delivery does take place, resulting in a return package and the freight cost being paid by us!
  2. A product being sold COD and then shipped, but rejected does result in low stock numbers and no sales made if this happens too often.

COD was actually a payment system implemented by those companies who have not yet build up any reputation and to give the buyer confidence in buying their products. With 7 physical airsoft stores at various locations in Metro Manila and Greater Manila region, we are far beyond that point where we have to prove ourselves as a trusted business partner.

We do understand that COD might be still popular among certain buyers but direct app-driven bank payments and also GCASH will be the future for your shopping needs because COD will become less and less available as banking services and online payments do improve at a fast pace.