WE Airsoft Guns

WE Airsoft Gun

WE airsoft guns are made in Taiwan. Great quality airsoft guns and many airsoft players in the Philippines have a sidearm from this brand. The WE pistols are reliable and accurate. The M1911 pistol is an absolute classic among the available pistols.

Also for the main airsoft gun, WE guns are a great choice. The WE GBB rifles offer great action and feel in the field. When going modern, the WE M4 GBB rifles are popular. There is a great choice among different GBB rifles from WE.

The WE open bolt system makes replacement, upgrade and maintenance also easy. Since they are metal parts, cleaning and lubrication of the moving parts is a must. When buying your first WE airsoft rifle, make sure to order lubricant as well. Just Look for silicon oil and add it to your cart.

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