WE 712 Carbine Sniper Rifle


WE 712 Carbine Sniper Rifle SPECS:

Full metal body construction with wooden type buttstock
Comes with a long barrel and removable buttstock
With fixed front sight and foldable rear sight
Magazine capacity: 25 rounds
Color: black and tan finish
FPS: 450 to 480 (round per sec)
RPS: 18.7 (rate per sec at full auto)

Additional information:
Length: 102 cm
Length without butt: 69 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg

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WE 712 Carbine Sniper is gas blowback airsoft rifle with semi and full-auto firing function. This rifle is a replica of the well-known Mauser C96 in World War era.

Additional information

Weight 3.25 kg

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