Package Bundles Set C Package 4 Lipoly batt w/ Anti Damage meter


Package Bundles Set C Package 4 Lipoly battery with Damage meter
List of Items:

• 2pcs Plus lipoly battery (BB tootsie 1100mah)
• Linkman 2 digital charger/balancer
• Voltage meter


Total selling price: ₱4,380
Package Bundle Price: ₱2,950

Buyer’s Savings:  ₱1,430


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An awesome treat for airsoft beginners, enthusiasts & even airsoft professionals who want value for money. The accessories of your choice LIPOLY Battery Baby Tootsie 1100 mah  is applicable for Airsoft units with M4 Hand guard or Buffer tube, linkman 2 digital charger/balancer is easy to link and charge and suitable for any lipoly battery type. We even added voltage meter to measures individual cells and total output.