Package Bundles 096 –AW HX2401 “Race Gun”


Package Bundles 096 – AW HX2401 “Race Gun”
List of Items:

• AW 2401 Race Gun Pistol
• Spare WE Hi Capa magazine
• 4pcs FYT standing target  (495×4)
• 2pcs Puff dino green gas  (375×2)
• Lancer proline .25g BBs 3200 rounds
• Canvas left and right holster

• Canvas double magazine holster
• Bolle goggles
• Taran tactical double pistol case
• Lancer tactical BB reloader


Total selling price: ₱17,141
Package Bundle Price: ₱14,120

Buyer’s Savings:  ₱3,021


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An awesome treat for airsoft beginners, enthusiasts & even airsoft professionals who want value for money. Everything you need to start playing airsoft PLUS extras. The pistol of your choice with a spare WE Hi capa magazine and canvas left and right holster, canvas double belle magazine holster to practice your “quick draw” skills with 2pcs 550 ml green gas canisters, lancer .25g 3200 rounds of competition BBs and Bolle goggles. We even added metal targets to practice your targeting skills and quench that itchy trigger finger on days you feel like clicking that pistol trigger.


All these at almost 25% discount bundle price.

Additional information

Weight 5.30 kg
Dimensions 66 × 40 × 33 cm